Following are the frequently asked questions, the bold texts are answers to the respective questions.

01. Saliva of leeches contain an anticoagulant called - Hirudin

02. How many chambers are found in the crop of Leech? - Ten

03. Leech is a blood sucking animal, nutritionally, therefore leech is - Sanguivorous

04. In which segment do you find the Ovisac in leech - 11th

05. Which segment possess nephridia in Hirudinaria? - 6-22 segments

06. Female genital opening of Hirudinariu is present in - 2nd umule of 11th segment

07. In Hirudinaria space between body wall and alimentary canal is filled not the - Botryoidal tissue

08. A temporary clitellum is form in Hirudinaria on segments - 9th to 11th