Following are the frequently asked questions, the bold texts are answers to the respective questions.

01. In the second maxillipede of prawn which part is not present - Gnathobases

02. The sex of prawn can be identified externally by observing these appendages - II Chelate legs

03. The total number of Appendages present in the prawn is - Nineteen

04. Cephalic appendages of prawn are - Antennules, antennae, mandibles, maxillulae, maxillae

05. Male prawn can be distinguished from female by presence  of - Appendix masculina and appendix interns in 2nd pleopod

06. Excretory organ of prawn is - Green glands

07. Statocyst present with in - Antennule

08. Walking legs in Prawn - 5 pairs

09. Tegumentary gland present in - Dermis